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Up With Alex Foundation - About

Alexander The Great


Family & Friends - 

“It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we write to you in regards to our beloved little boy, Alex.  Some of you or most of you have heard by now, the shocking news of his passing from this life. As you know, Alex was born with a heart defect, on 7/26/08, it is a mute point that he happened to have Down Syndrome,that was never his handicap. He had no handicap. He had to have open heart surgery 12/04/08 to repair the holes in his heart, most of that was successful. In the years since then his defect was treated with medication and aside from that, he thrived and was extremely happy and healthy.

That is why his passing on 11/9/11 at 12:08 am came as such a shock. Alex & Lisa had just flown back from New York after a wonderful two week vacation visiting our beloved New York family. Love was flowing in and out of Alex and all around our family; the time was filled with laughter, good eats and happiness. This was Alex's life; this was his last two weeks with us.  He passed in the ER at Memorial North Hospital in Colorado Springs after two hours of heroic efforts from the ER doctors and nurses to save his life. His heart failed and the good Lord took him home much much sooner than we ever thought. His doctors were shocked. 

Our faith sustains us, the love and kindness of all the countless calls, emails, texts, drop byes...have humbled and moved Lisa and I beyond words. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. 

It is the most awful thing in life to loose one's child. He was our blessing, love of our life, light in the darkness, happy, joyful boy. He was chosen for us by an awesome powerful mighty God that knew just what we and this world needed. He's with us now in spirit and we know we will be reunited with him one day; this brings us great comfort and peace.

Come join us and be a part of celebrating this awesome miracle blessing of Alex with us.

 I promise you, you too will be blessed, more than you already have been by being part of his short life.”


This was the announcement that we sent out two days after Alex’s passing.  We always wanted to show the WORLD that Alex was a kid who could do anything! 

 He lived a life full on and we wanted to encourage other families who had gone through open heart surgeries and other medical problems that there was hope for a wonderful life! 

Since Alex’s passing we have started the "Up with Alex" Foundation.  The Foundation will help raise awareness to those women and families wrestling with what to do when they receive a pre-natal diagnosis of a child who just happens to have a CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) or Down Syndrome or some other genetic disorder.  We are also helping individuals of all ages to go for the “BIG TADA”!   To Live the 6 L’s LOVE, LIFE, LAUGHTER, LEARNING, LEGACY & LIFESTYLE and help live outside the box. We look to Alex's life testimony as a wonderful example of how these children really are the angels we entertain unaware.  

Through our “ALEXANDER THE GREAT Conquers The World” campaign we will travel around the globe spreading his message of happiness as we spread his ashes around the world

while raising awareness and funds for various adoption charities!

So many people have asked " what can I do, what do you need?”

Consider adopting a special needs child either domestically or internationally or

pray or donate your time or talents, or monitary resources with a  tax deductable donation at the DONATE link above!

A few days before Alex passed, I wrote from my heart on my Facebook page: We were born to love & be loved...there is no greater calling or purpose. Little did I know how profoundly true this statement was and is now.

So come on a journey of LOVE and LIFE!!! 

Alex Peglers’ Family
 Lisa, Neal, Kyndra, Jessica & Kelsey